Chicago style - wont change case

Chicago style 16th Ed  Endnote 5.

In my main title I have the AIF (reference to defence) in capitals but It comes up as lower case. Aif. Why should this happen? It is part of a titlle? Yet other acronyms seem ok.

Please assist. Chicago style always requires altering it it getting tedious.I always have to alter each reference.

Can soeone please assit. I use it so little these days I forget how to do all the changes. I am reluctant to update because I will only be using it for another 8 months

I need to go through all of themand make minor changes in styles.

Endnote doesn’t know every acronym, so it can’t distinguish between them and a real word or name.  Depending on your circumstances you can fix this two ways.  Perhaps the easiest way - is to add AIF to the Change Case table.  In Endnote, Edit Preferences, Change Case option and add AIF (and other potential acronyms you use) to the table, see attached JPG.  - Oh yeah, you have posted this in the Forum discussion – rather than the Endnote Forums, so I can’t attach a file…

The other way is (assuming that your records always have the title entered EXACTLY as you want it to appear, is to edit the “Title Capitalization” options (in both Bibliography and in Footnotes) to leave as entered.  If you need Headline, or Sentence, then you will need to do the above.  

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