Capital Letter for Author

I am currently writing my PhD thesis and want to cite a FAO report. However when I type in FAO as the author (in order to the citation to appear properly in the text) it is cited as Fao, which is not correct. How do I keep the Author as captial letters only for this reference? 

Thanks for any help you can give!! 

Hello There,

Just enter FAO with a comma at the end like this:


EndNote will then know to leave it as entered when you format  your document.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the tips, but it did not work in my case. I tried to write BPS, but the output remains Bps. DO you have any other tips to solve the problem?

Thank you.


Hi Jason,

Thank you for the tip. However, it doesn’t work in my case. I want to cite a local statistic agency namely BPS. The output remains Bps although I already put a coma at the end. I wrote BPS, 

Do you have any other suggestions to fix the problem?

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I read through various articles. Still I have the problem if I enter an authers name, like:
“World Health Organisation (WHO),” it is cited as “World Health Organisation (Who)”.

The same applies to

“Landwirtschaftskammer NRW,”, which is cited as “Landwirtschaftskammer Nrw”.

I would be thankfull for some help.