problems with capitalising the second part of a journal title

I am preparing an article where two of my sources are from the journal Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice. However, EndNote will not capitalise the words ‘theory’ and ‘practice’. In the EndNote library, both references have the journal title written with all capital letters (except ‘and’). However, when I format my bibliography in Word, EndNote changes ‘theory’ and ‘practice’ to lower case. The journal where I’m sending this requires these words to be in upper case. 

How do I fix this? I’ve been through the settings in the output style, but can’t figure out where to correct this  :confounded:

I suspect that your Journal Terms library has this entered incorrectly, and that it is replacing the title during the Journal abbreviations set up.  To fix it, you can edit the Journal terms list, or delete that item from the Journal Terms list if it is correctly defined in the record itself.  Check this thread and perhaps some other threads that come up with “Journal Terms List”. 

To prevent that kind of error from creeping in again,

In EndNote, click on Edit>Preferences>Term Lists.

Uncheck the boxes Update lists when importing… and Update lists during data entry.

because it usually comes from the way things are entered in different databases. 

Great, I think I fixed it now. Thanks :smiley:

Thanks! Finally found the answer here!~~  ;)

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