Capitalization change for Book Title (after punctuation) within Book Section

I looked at the forums. I am sure I am under the setting “leave titles as entered.”

But things are not working for me.


Reference Type: Book Section

Book Title has a colon in it. It’s entered Internet Inquiry: Conversations About Method

The citation comes out Internet inquiry: conversations about method

Full reference:

Orgad, S. (2009). Question two: How can researchers make sense of the issues involved in collecting and interpreting online and offline data? In A. N. Markham & N. K. Baym (Eds.), Internet inquiry: conversations about method (pp. 33-53). Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

The Bold portion is the problem because Conversations should be capitalized.

Any suggestions?

I’m not experiencing this problem (Endnote X7.4, MS Word 2010) and am unable to replicate your result. Suggest you recheck the Title field of the Endnote record to verify that it was entered correctly. If the title is incorrect then change it; if correct then clear the entry and reenter the title.

If the problem persists the next option would be to use Endnote’s “Change Case” feature to specify the case-handling of the “Conversations about method” portion of the title. (Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit > Preferences > Change Case.)  

It’s such a stupid thing. But if you put a space before the title or the journal, it works. That’s my bandaid. But it works.