Capitalization in footnotes vs bibliography


I wonder if there is a way to get Endnote to use correct capitalization in cases such as the following. Let’s say I’m using Chicago 15th A with footnotes and bibliography and need to cite the revised edition of Jane Smith’s Once Upon a Time. If I put “Revised edition” in the Edition field, then in footnotes I get:


Incorrect–> Jane Smith, Once Upon a Time, R evised edition (Someplace: Somepublisher, 2001).

The problem is that the “R” in “Revised” should be in lower case as it follows a comma. On the other hand, because the different fields are separated by periods in the bibliography, the entry in the bibliography is correctly capitalized:

Correct–> Smith, Jane. Once Upon a Time. Revised edition. Someplace: Somepublisher, 2001.

Conversely, if I put the uncapitalized “revised edition” in the Edition field, then the footnote is correct:

Correct–> Jane Smith, Once Upon a Time, revised edition (Someplace: Somepublisher, 2001).

But then the bibliographical entry is incorrect:

Incorrect–> Smith, Jane. Once Upon a Time. r evised edition. Someplace: Somepublisher, 2001.

Is there a way to fix this (other than changing the citation system to one where this does not occur, not citing the edition, etc.)?


P.S. I’m using Endnote X6, if that matters at all.

I have the exact same issue and I also use X6. Could someone please help?


I have run into the same issue, using X7. Until now I have changed the bibliography by hand in its finalised version, but it would be great to have a better solution for this in the future. This regards any manual entry of editions, which do not use numerals (revised, extended, new, etc.). Any workarounds would be welcome too, but a proper fix (although not easy, I’m sure) would be even better. Thank you!