Capitalization problem with particles in author name

In reference to a 1934 publication by, say, Walter de la Mare, choosing As Is capitalization in an output style (in EndNote X7) can correctly give “(de la Mare, 1934)” for a parenthetical in-text citation, or “de la Mare (1934)” when the Author (Date) form of citation is called for. But is there any way that the that setting for Author (Date) can be made to change automatically to “De la Mare (1934)” where it begins a sentence?

The work-around will be to edit the text manually each time, but maybe there is some way that EndNote can accommodate this kind of capitalization shift?

Well, it isn’t appropriate to change the capitalization in my opinion.  I would reconstruct the sentence, so it isn’t at the beginning.  I don’t think you can get Endnote to do it without going back to the original (Author, Year) citation and hiding the author and typing the name as you think you want it to appear.  

Thanks for the response, Leanne. You’ve confirmed my impression.

Although the geographical context of the document I’m editing means there are quite a few names with that particular capitalization convention, there fortunately aren’t too many places where I will need to exclude author and type in a manual alteration.