Capitalizing Book Title Field

After the helpful suggestion from Leanne, I have my new book chapter template. However, now the “book title” does not capitalize at all (I want heading/title capitalization). If I switch from Book chapter to Book section, it capitalizes, even though I copied the new template from that template. I have tried everything and am clearly missing something. Any ideas?



I am a bit stumped too.  Did you modify/create a Book Chapter “reference type” in the Edit>preferences (I know, I forgot that part)?  Maybe it only recognizes the “title” field and then apply the capitalization preferences if it is appropriately named as a title field?

I used one of the “unused” reference categories in Edit/Preference/Modify Reference Types, then copied the book section into the new reference style template.


Don’t know then. Maybe Tech support will chime in here, or you could ask for tech support on their website (and let us know the resolution here?)