Capitalization of Journal Article Titles and Book Titles

Is there any way to differentiate the capitalization of Journal Article Titles and Book Titles in a bibliography?

I’d like the Journal Article Title to use ‘Headline style capitalization’ and Book Titles to use ‘Sentence style capitalization’.


Journal Article Title Example (=headline caps)


Book title example (=sentence cap)

The ‘Title Capitalization’ section under Bibliography in the Style Manager seems to work across reference types.

– I’m on Endnote X7.7.1 (Mac)

You may have noticed that an Endnote output style provides three options for capitalizing titles: 1) Leave titles as entered (in the Title field of the record); 2) Headline title capitalization; or 3) Sentence style capitalization.

Since only one option can be chosen, choosing option 1 (leave titles as entered) enables formatting journal titles and book titles in two different formats but needs to be done manually. You will just need to change the title capitalization of journals to one format and apply the capitalization format for book titles – within each applicable Endnote record.

However, the key question is why you need to apply the dual capitalization format for your bibliography? Is the format required by the publisher or other? If you are submitting an article for publication such formatting is handled by the publisher. Otherwise, it is not required you should consider using a single capitalization format.

@CrazyGecko – Thanks!

As for your question, yes, the publisher states in the style guide:

For books , use boldface italic, capitalize only the first letter of the first word and of the first word after a long dash or colon.

E.g.: Power and conflict in organizations

For periodicals : use boldface italic, title-style capitalization.

E.g.: Academy of Management Review

(I realize I made a mistake in the terminology used in my original posting. I am looking to distinguish capitalization between book titles and periodical names, not journal article titles and book titles – although I don’t think this really makes a difference for the matter at hand.)

I actually think it makes a big difference. The instructions you quote are pretty standard!

Journal names are handled by the term list settings and are usually headline style, while book titles and journal titles are set according to the title settings and often sentence style.  So you just need to make sure your journal terms list is set up appropriately in your library (or libraries, if you use more than one). 

see image for these two settings.  

see here for the instructions on how to set up your journal terms list.  

The bold and italics are set in the endnote output style’s bibliography templates for each ref type. 



Thanks – I haven’t had the chance to try this out yet but it certainly seems like a workable suggestion!

The only caveat is that it sounds like it can be quite labor intensive and repetitive work.

Whereas ideally I’d want Endnote to take care of such capitalization preferences.

I am not sure why you think this is labor intensive?  The Journal terms can be imported  with all the correct full text and abbreviated forms.   – and the book titles are therefore handled separately with respect to sentence vs headline titling with a “toggle” option in the output style?  

Actually, this is a standard problem if you compile a reference list containing sources in different languages. For example, Russian publishers insist on using HTC for the titles of English language sources and SSC for the titles of Russian language sources.

So, if one has a long list of both, having an option allowing to flip from one capitalisation type to another (possibly in different ref types) would be hugely helpful.