How to set all entries in the library to the same font (size, font-face)?

The font used in EndNote X2 for displaying the references. Can it be set globally to affect all entries? 

Hi all! I use EndNote for the first time and I am quite happy with the tool. But, I have one annoying issue. I copy and paste man references from other resources, such as papers or digitial libraries. When I create new reference and I paste in the text from the clopboard, the format from the source page or paper is copied as well. This leads to a situation where many references have different styles. And, in the Word document in which I use the library, the integrated references and citations as well have different font (they just look like the entry in the library, and use the copied and pasted font e.g. from a website).

Please find a picture in the attachment of this post…

So my question is: can I adjust alle entries in my library such that all entries have the same format (size, font-face, etc.)? I am sure this function must be there, but actually I can’t find it.

I would appreciate your help.

All the best, Thomas

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You need to strip the formatting out before copying it into Endnotes. Endnotes does not have this feature. What you probably need is a clipboard manager like Clipmate or the one from Donation Coder. These allow you to copy in plain text. You could also convert the html code by pasting it to your notepad program, or even Word can handle this if you know how to do it. The other thing you might do is use Google Scholar for your searches and in the setup to Google Scholar you can have import to Endnote links added to your search results. Import your entries from here  by clicking on the import to endnote link, rather than copy and paste them. You can also import using Library of Congress by using Endnotes connection feature, but this will just work for books mostly. Copying and pasting should be a last resort and if you do it you will have to follow one of my suggestions above.Good luck.