Unwanted fonts and formatting pasted into Endnote libraries

Endnote X2 has an annoying problem of transferring fonts and formatting during copy and paste. For example, if text is copied from a word document, say the title of a paper, and pasted into a new Endnote reference, then the font comes along too. When this reference is cited, then this font appears in the reference list. 

Since titles usually use large fonts, the result is that one item in the reference list stands out with a huge font, which cannot be changed! This is highly irritating. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this (misguided?) feature only appeared in X2?

The only solution I have found is to go in and manually edit each and every field in the reference back to plain font. Which is tedious. 

From now on I will avoid the problem by first pasting into Notepad and then into Endnote. But it should not have to be like this.

Is there any better solution? Am I doing something wrong?


X2 specific “feature”  – :cry: They intend to fix it in X3 I guess.

You can quickly remove the applied fonts with ctrl+a, Ctrl +L, but it is tedious.  Taking it thru notepad is a good tip. Luckily I don’t do much copy/pasting. 

I hadn’t heard about Ctrl+L. Thanks for that tip. This problem has been around for a while before X2. About a year ago support suggested the following:

"There are 2 ways to fix this. The first way is best if you know where the errors are and there are not to many of them. You can cut the offending text out of the reference, paste it into textedit or another plain text editor then just apply the font you want to the text. After that you can just copy and paste it back into the reference.

The second option is if most if not all of your library has font issues. There is a consequence that your references will be given new ID numbers, making it so that you will have to re-link citations from documents created with the library before the font fix. To do the change, you’ll want to export your library as a text file using the .RIS  Output Style. Open the file with a text editor and select the whole document to change the font. Make no other changes than the font to this file. Once the change has been made, create a new library and import the .RIS file you had made.

Currently these are your only 2 options for fonts imbedded into your references in your library. Please make sure to make backups of any document you edit before making these changes." 

Another option to deal with this is ctrl+A (to select the whole field line) and then ctrl+T (which puts the text back to plain). A problem with ctrl+L is it puts it into large text (well, on my version, anyway).

And you can do this in one hit, ie. ctrl+A then T.