Changing format for government documents but not articles

Hi there

I’ve got a document with mostly journal articles referenced and then a couple of government documents. The author on the articles is being abbrevitated to Keys, A. which is fine. However the government documents are being abbreviated in the same way.

e.g. in endnote I have a government document with the author field (The National Advisory Committee on Nutritional Education (NACNE)) and this gets abbreviated to (NACNE), T.N.A.C.o.N.E.

Please does anyone know how to edit government documents, either in Endnote X6 or word (2007) so that the full author title appears?

Thanks very much - Zoe

Try putting a comma at the end of the corporate author in the reference in EndNote, viz.

The National Advisory Committee on Nutritional Education (NACNE) ,

(While I don’t have X6, this method has worked in in previous versions of EndNote).

By the way, if the bibliography is sorted by author name, it would probably be best to omit "The " from the author entry and just have

National Advisory Committee on Nutritional Education (NACNE),



Hi John - you’re a superstar! Thanks so much - comma worked first time

Very happy - Zoe

Zoe, if you run into a related problem, where one publisher’s style would expect you to use “NACNE (2007)” in the text and other would expect you to spell out “National Advisory Committee on Nutritional Education (2007)” in the text, but you don’t want your EndNote library cluttered with duplicate entries with different records for different versions of the corporate authors, see Leanne’s response to my recent query "“Corporate authors, abbreviations or full text substitutions” at


Thanks Chris! Great forum :slight_smile: Will tag this one