Author Name Auto Changes

My continued woes with Endnote 20. When citing the “U. S. Preventive Services Task Force” (as the first author for a manuscript), the Endnote add-on for Word changes it to “Force USPST”. This also happens with citations. For example, JAMA (which i type in) automatically gets converted to “JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association”. How do i stop Endnote 20 from reformatting these? Thanks, Chris

1.  put a comma at the end of the name  (it gets more complicated if the name has commas too) 

U. S. Preventive Services Task Force, 

  1. JAMA conversion is because the Journals Terms list is being auto updated from the database record upload – check the knowledge base for into on how that works, delete the items in the current journal terms list, turn off auto updating of the terms in preferences, and upload a correctly formated Journal terms list.

Wonderful! Thank you for your help. This worked perfectly. Chris

Maybe I could continue this thread: I use a lot of corporate author sources and some publication styles accept lenghty corporate names abbreviated in the citations and some want them in full. For example “USEPA 1996” vs “U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1996”.  And some like “U.S. …” and some like “US …”

  I’ve futzed around with Citations style definitions but gave up and just kludge it - once I get close to submission I just manually change the author names from USEPA to ‘U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’ or whatever. It’s a good way to make a mess of the library.

  Any suggestions on this longstanding issue would be appreciated!

Chris M

So you don’t have to wait until submission, this is when I edit the citation (right click, edit citation" to hide author and type in the abbreviation, when required.  More complicated if you are actually talking about the bibliography.  

Yeah, thanks. I don’t think there’s any way around copy and pasting one way or the other and some manual typing. Dang publishers - why they need 1,000+ style iterations when about 3 or 4 should cover it

that is why I submit and let the copy editor deal with in house variations that Endnote (or authors for that matter) find it hard to apply! Once they accept the paper, I am more inclined to try to make the change if “ordered” to, but otherwise, I find they either  “correct it” themselves or note it for author input in the page proof stage.