Citations disappear in Chicago-based output style


I’m using EndnoteX.0.2 and MS Word 2007. I am attempting to format a document using an output style based upon Chicago 15th A - Journal of Political Philosophy (attached) - that I downloaded from the Endnote website. The problem is while the bibliography formats just fine, I lose all the citations in the main body of the text. Instead, a blank space appears where the citation should be without even any fields being visible. The same thing happens when I try to format the document using Chicago 15th A and other styles where the citation should appear as superscript. If, however, I opt for an in-text citation like author-date then the citations appear as normal. I have tried playing around with settings in both Word and Endnote to no avail. Can anyone suggest any solutions? I’d be very grateful.


J_Political_Philosophy.ens (42.9 KB)

Thanks for attaching the style.  In checking the style, it looks like the Citation Template is blank so no in-text citation is being generated. 

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT [Name of style]. 

  2. In the style’s display window, locate and click the citations’ “Template” option (see attached image).  Notice that your template is blank so you’ll need to make one.

  3. Click the Insert Field’s pull-down menu to access and place the needed fields (following Chicago guidelines) in the template - or manually type them in. Also notice that at the top of the window various font formatting options are available: bold (B), italic (I), underline (U), plain text (P), along with superscript and subscript.  So you can designate a certain type of format for a particular field.

  4. Close the style when completed and click YES to save it.


The style you attached has no template defined for the citations, hence there is no in text citation showing.  Chicago style is based on footnotes, so one inserts a footnote in word, and then inserts the endnote reference in the footnote and creates a bibliography.  You might want to look at this thread, which I have never attempted, but provides a macro to convert in-text refs to footnotes.

Many thanks for both responses. I have made substantial progress as a result but now have one lingering difficulty. I am using the following citation code: “Author Year|, p.^pp.Pages|”. The problem is that citations that do not have a page reference have a comma and gap where a page reference would normally occur that looks like this: “Green 2004, .”

I know the problem is that I need to change the fields but for the life of me I can’t work out which ones I need. Can someone please suggest a solution?

thanks again.


Just insert a “Link to Adjacent Text” command (shown as the red asterick below) in-between the comma and the “p”:

Author Year|,*p.^pp.Pages|.

The “Link to Adjacent Text” command instructs EndNote to insert the comma only when the Pages field contains page numbers.  Otherwise, if no pages are present, the Link to Adjacent Text suppresses both the Pages field and blank space so the citation will appear as: Green 2004.

Works brilliantly. Thanks so much!