Well, hello there (citations not created while writing)

Why the citation, e.g.(xxxxxx 2009), not added while writing. Even i do the ‘insert citation)?
It just add the reference but not the citation between blank?

If you’re using a citation style that doesn’t have an in-text citation format, the citations will appear to vanish in the text. Make sure you’re not using a Footnote-centric style, and the citations should appear in the text.
APA 7th is a good place to start to ensure there is a citation format template defined in the style.

Hope this helps!

I use Chicago
But i ll try
Thanks :wink:

but why in Chicago don’t?
Any idea?

EndNote should include two flavors of Chicago.
Chicago Author Date
Chicago Footnote
Choosing the Author Date format should give you in-text citations, and a bibliography.
The Footnote version of the style is intended only for footnotes, and will hide citations inserted into the body of the document.
It sounds like you should be after the Chicago Author Date version of the style.

I hope this proves helpful.
Thanks again!

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thank you!
it work now

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