Changing the "and" between two editor names of one volume in a footnote template


My work is in German, so instead of ‘and’ I need ‘und’ here. It doesn’t seem to be a part of what I can change in the template. It’s the “edited book” ref type I’m working with.

OS 10.7, Word 2008, Endnote X6

Thanks for any help!


Replace the “and” separator by modifying the Editor Lists option in the Footnotes section (and Bibliography section if needed) of your output style (see attached image). 

Hi -

I found that option before, but there weren’t even "and"s in the pertinent boxes to begin with - only backslashes. Now it looks like in this picture, but there’s no change in my footnotes.
I’ve checked to make sure I’m editing the templates on the right style. That doesn’t appear to be the problem.

Where else could that ‘and’ be coming from?

Thanks for the info. May I ask what output style are you using?

Also just checking but when you modified the output style the changes are saved as a new file with the word “Copy” added (e.g., Chicago 16th A Copy) so you adjusted EndNote and MS Word to use the new file?

It’s a style I’ve been editing along the way with my dissertation for a couple years. It’s based on “Turabian Bibliography”.

This may seem counterintuitive but the “/” and “und” for an Edited Book will display in a footnote (see attached image for rushed sample test footnote) if the Author Lists setting in the Footnotes section is changed (see attached image).
Footnote - Author Lists.gif

That worked. Thanks!

Glad it worked-out.