Chicago manual style 16, change journal setting- Part number not volume


Using V5, chicago manual style 16

I have been leaving this until last in the hope I can find a work around.I hope someone can help me.

Using a journal setting endnote gives a field for “issue”. However the main journal I use has “Part numbers”.  If you put in “Part 1"in issue  it comes out “no Part 1”.” no" of course is number. There are no other fields I can use.

The only library it is available at does not export the actual journal details into endnote although it does books ok -  most of the time. It is a very hard journal in other ways as it has changed format over 80 years and I have just worked all the diffferent versions by making adjustments by trial and error.  It is my most used journal. But the “Part” hasn’t changed.

Can “no”  be removed can anyone tell me please? Thank you in advance.

Sorry, I did solve this problem. I just put 

Vol. VI, Part I.  in vol field.


Completely forgot.