Citing Entire Journal (How?)

I want to cite an entire issue of a journal. In EndNote, I don’t know how this citation should be characterised? Should it be characterised as a “book”?

I’m using a close adaptation of the Chicago Manual of Style (author-date system), specifically the Anthropology Style Guide. When I use that, citing an entire journal turns to something like this:

2009 Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment (Special Issue: Understanding Immigration from Multiple Social Science Perspectives). 6 vols. Volume 19. New York: Routledge

There are several problems here:

  1. The author is left blank.

  2. It isn’t 6 vols and Volume 19. Rather it should be Vol 19, Issue 6. More correctly written, it should be 19(6). The reason this problem is appearing is because I’m using “Book” to characterise this entry.

Any help is much appreciated!

If this is a one off, then put the volume as 19(6) and don’t try to use two different field.  Otherwise you need to create a new reference type (or modify one you don’t normally use) and make sure to create/alter the template in the style you are interested in using to use the appropriate fields in the appropriate way. 

Yeah, I was going to do that. But unfortunately, under the Book format for “Anthropology Style Guide”, anything put in Volumes becomes something like  this: 

Title. Vol. 6.

What I’ve temporarily resorted to is use the “Journal Article” format and leave the article title out. However, the problem here is that the City and Publisher is never revealed in “Journal Article” format, and my understanding is if I cite an entire Journal, I need to put in the city and publisher. Of course, I can make changes to the particular style to include City and Publisher whenever available. 

Who knew citations can be so full of headaches :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest that you just used the Journal template and left out the title as well. But I didn’t realise that you had to add city and publisher for a whole journal. But editing the style and adding a field (I used the Notes field) in the template took about 3 seconds, saved it as a copy and then just typed the information in that field ie New York: Routledge

Works well.


You could use the reference type “Serial”. In my versions of Chicago output styles, “Serial” is not defined in the bibliography template section, so you could create a format that works for this type of citation.