Chicago Style Accession Number

Hi there, when I open up a new reference record, there is a field for an accession number.  I’m using my modified version of Chicago Style.  However, when I want to edit the bibliography templates for different types of documents, I cannot include a field for an accession number in my template.  I’m using Endnote x2.  Can anyone help?

You need to check that this field has been assigned to the other reference types in the preferences-reference types-modify reference type; it may not be used (although you can add it) or it have been given a different name?  Which reference type are you trying to edit the template of?

Hi Leanne, OK, I see the problem. I think this is the best strategy for me to pursue, but I need your help on one other thing. I have a bunch of references which are best classed as Archival Material. AT the moment, they are all recorded as “Generic” reference types. I created a new reference type “Archival Material” that has all the fields I need.

How to I change multiple references from being “Generic” reference types to “Archival Material”?

Make a backup of your library, in case this gets messed up.

There is a “change text” option under the Edit menu.  Select Reference Type from the drop down for field (I think it is last) and carefully type “Generic” in the top box and “Archival Material” (without the quotes) in the bottom.  It should tell you how many references it is going to change. If it looks right, - say okay. 

To make it more specific, start with only the records you want to change showing (especially if there are other records with the reference type “generic” that you don’t want to change.