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First of all, sorry for my bad english, not my native language :slight_smile:

I’ve modified some custom fields in the “Modify References Types” preferences. But when I come back to my references, instead of (for example) “Laboratory”, there is still written “Custom 2”. Same for other custom fields, and it’s really annoying for the readability of the references, because I always have to remember which custom fields correspond to what.

Is there any possibility to change the “Custom 2, 3 ,4, etc…” to what I’ve typed in the preferences options ?

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Did you click the OK button in the dialog box after naming the custom fields? Clicking OK, will set the new field(s) name -  (see image 1).

Once the  new field names  are  set in the reference template,  they will be displayed  when modifying the output style template  (see image 2)  and in the reference template  when creating records  (see image 3).

3  reference type.gif

But remember that renaming the Custom field is specific to the precise Reference Type you edit.  If the record is a different reference type, you need to modify that one too, to get the Custom name to show.  Also if you are working with generic settings, you will see the generic name (custom 2) and not the assigned name in any specific reference type. 

Thanks for your anwsers, I found what was the problem : I’ve imported a lot of references from an Excel file. The thing is, this file had a column “Generic” which was filled with all the references types. I don’t know why, but those informations has not been transfered, and all my references in EndNote have now “Generic” informed in the “Reference Type” field, and I didn’t saw that :flushed: That’s why the custom fields don’t appear, as my references have no type.

I have now a second problem : I have a LOT of references, and I can’t find any way to modify the reference type quickly. Something like selected the references, and then apply the correct reference type. I can only do it one by one, and I will get mad if I really have to do it for all the references, so please tell me there is an other solution…

Finally I found how to modify this field on several references at the same time… sorry for the uselss post :confounded:

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