Citation footnote numbers do not appear in text in Word/X3

Help! My wife and I just purchased two copies of X3 . She uses Word 2003, I have Word 2007. As we worked our way throught the “get started guide,” both of us encountered the same problem: When we try to convert from one of the default bibliographical formats (“author-date,” “numbered”) to another style that uses footnotes, like Turabian or Chicago, the full references appear at the end of the text. but the footnote numbers in the text disappear completely. They do not appear in any version of document view or the document is printed. This occurs whether or not we have created a substantive footnote in Word.

Footnote numbers in the text DO appear in the basic “numbered” style, in brackets (i.e., "[1]).

This problem appears using the “practice” library that came with the program as well as with my existing EndNote library from a much earlier version of the program. The documents we have created are brand new, without any preexisting EndNote citations.

We have not been able to find any solution to this problem. I assume the solution must be fairly simple, since the program would be unusable otherwise. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?

Thank you!

In EndNote you can change between author/date styles and numbered styles, but footnote styles are different, because you first have to create the footnote in Word, and then insert the reference.

You can’t easily change your document from a footnote style to an author/date or  numbered style. And the reverse is also true.

See this thread for more information.

Thank you very much for the reply. That’s very disappointing, though at least I feel less stupid now. Do of the bibliographical software platforms have this limitation?

For the benefit of any Thomson representatives on this forum: I can’t help but feel that your advertising grossly misrepresents the program’s capabilities. This hardly qualifies as easy, automatic switching among thousands of different reference styles.

And this  thread might have a macro that could help with one direction of conversion.