Insert references in footnotes without numbering


I would like to insert references in footnotes in a document (word 2013) without references numbering.

The process that I follow is :

  1. Creation of footnotes with the word function.

  2. Copy formatted of my reference in Endnote

  3. Paste the reference copied in the footnote.

I obtain the following result attached.

Note that I don’t want a bibliography of my references at the end of my document. That’s why I have used the copy formatted function.

Problem : I have a notation coming from Endnote.

How can I do so as to insert references in footnotes without a numbering coming from Endnote ?

Thank you for your help.

Greetings bendesarts,

I suspect the following steps will help with your formatting request:

1.  Save a backup of your Word document.

2.  Launch EndNote.

3.  In EndNote, click “Edit>Output Styles>Open Style Manager…”.

4.  Find your desired output style from the Style Manager window and double-click on its name.

5.  When the Edit Style window appears, click the “Layout” tab, which appears within the “Bibliography” section.

6.  Clear all text from the “Start each reference with:” field, either by backspacing each character or highlighting the entire field’s text and then backspacing.

7.  After making the style change, click “File>Save As…” to save this edited version of the style with a unique name.

8.  Close the Edit Style menu.

9.  Close the Style Manager window.

  1. Click “Edit>Output Styles” to choose the newly named output style.

  2. Repeat your previously mentioned steps to use Copy Formatted to create your plain text footnote references.

Please let me know if this works for you.

Sounds like you are doing things in around about way?  – ctrl K is copy formatted (from what ever style you want).  I am not sure you need to follow Jimmy’s instructions.  

Endnote will insert full bibliographic entries in the footnotes in CWYW according to the footnote templates in a style and you have the option of including them or not including them in a bibliography.  For example Chicago 16th Footnote no-bibliography attached.  

Are there conventional citations in the text that you do want numbered and to have a bibliography? I think that can be accomodated too.   
Chicago 16th Footnote no-blibliography.ens (81.3 KB)

Thank you for your help.

In fact, as it was for a short document, I have used the process “copy formatted” and delete the number which appears with the copy/ paste.

Not very automative but it works.

Next time, if I have a more document to do with references in the footnotes, I will try the tips of Jimmy.

Thank you for your help.