Number in the text with reference on the page below- how to do it?

A journal wants me to provide a paper with each citation numbered, and the bibliographical reference on the same page as a footnote. Subsequent reference to the same source should say “ibid”. It’s like Chicago 17 but not, so they say. Any hints?

Yay, found the answer courtesy of one of the librarians at University of Sydney,

EndNote desktop: Changing from an in-text style to a footnote style

  1. In Word, change to the EndNote tab of the Word toolbar ribbon

  2. From the Convert Citations and Bibliography drop-down, select Convert to Unformatted Citations

  3. For each and every in-text placemarker:

  • Cut each citation placemarker (select and Ctrl+X, Cmd+X on a Mac)
  • Insert a footnote (References tab in Word, Insert Footnote, Ctrl+Alt+F, or Cmd+Opt+F on a Mac)
  • Paste the placemarker into the footnote (Ctrl+V, or Cmd+V on a Mac)
  1. When you have moved all your in-text placemarkers into footnotes, on the EndNote tab in Word, click Update Citations and Bibliography
  • Optionally, turn Instant Formatting back on (otherwise, any new references will be added as unformatted placemarkers)

I think someone once wrote a macro to do this. Clarivate may have access to it.