Correct footnotes

I have an article written with an author-date style, complete with particular pages in the suffixes of some citations. When I attempt to convert this to a bibliographic style with footnotes, the results from all History or Philosophy styles I have experimented with are quite strange.

  1. all suffixes showing particular cited pages disappear

  2. each reference gets a specific bibliographic number. If I refer to it again, the same bibliographic number comes up rather than a short reference, ibid, or maybe Author op. cit.

How can I turn my author-date citations into footnotes that include particular cited pages and use ibid and so forth? Is it a matter of finding the correct bibliographical style. If I need to edit a close style, how do I do that? /Andrew

Maybe you are getting confused between numbered styles and footnote styles?

You can easily convert a document formatted in an author-date style to a numbered style. Your citations in the text will be converted to numbers. Suffixes should still appear, but if you inserted your page numbers using the Pages box in the Edit Citations dialogue, they will not appear when you convert to a numbered style.

Footnote styles are quite different. You have to create the footnote in Word, and then insert the reference. You can’t automatically convert a document with an author-date style to a footnote style. You have to remove all the references from the text, create the footnotes, and then reinsert the references from EndNote. Footnote styles ignore any data that you put in the Suffix box of the Edit Citations dialogue, but they will normally format data that you put in the Pages box.

John. Thanks. I had begun to suspect that I would have to completely rewrite the references within footnotes. The numbered bibliographies are tantalising though; they look like Oxford footnotes. Andrew