Citation importing - how to get the number of cites in separate section

Not sure how to explain this but when I search for the number of cites an author has in each publication, importing it to my Endnote program puts it in the notes field.  When I output this to my bibliography I get everything that is in notes…not just the cites which is what I really want.  Is there a way to make the number of citations for each article go into an individual field?  Can you also put journal impact factors into an individual field?

Version of Endnote? Platform? Browers?  How are you importing?  From where (source of citation)?  I assume you are not using connect online option, or an import option from the Endnote program (or if you are, you are using the wrong filter), but are relying on some export citation from a website?  Does that website give the option of exporting to Endnote? or to Refman?  or to RIS file? 

Enquiring minds need to know these kind of details.

Hi, yes, sorry…I should have given more detail.  I am using Endnote 7 and in this situation, I am importing from the Web of Science website (importing medical journal articles with citation rates).  It gives you the option of importing to Endnote and Refman (but I only have Endnote).

Normally with direct export you can customise the procedure, although it’s a bit tricky knowing which filter to edit and how to edit the filter. However with EndNote X2 it appears that editing the ISI-CE filter to change how the TC (times cited) field is imported has no effect. I’m guessing that the developers have hard-wired this process so that the times cited data is always imported to the Notes field, with a tag explaining what it is.

It might be possible to customise this in EndNote 7, where direct export is not actually handled by the filters. If you want to try, I think (from distant memory) that you have to find the ISI-CE filter, do a Save As, and save it in the same folder under the name: WOS-Filter (exactly as I have typed it).

This filter will override the built-in direct export procedure for all Web of Science databases. Edit the journal article template of this new filter so that the TC field is imported to a custom field which you want to use for the times cited data. Now do the direct export again, and see if it works.

As to the journal impact factor, I don’t know of any way of automatically importing that. It isn’t part of the record data on Web of Science. You have to search the Journal Citation Reports separately to get that data. And of course the impact factor changes from year to year.

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