Updating "times cited" field


I’m posting this question on behalf of a colleague in my university. We are wondering if it’s possible to track within EndNote the number of times an article, whose citation has been downloaded to an EndNote library, has been cited.

When exporting records from Web of Science, we see that the “number of times cited” is downloaded into the Notes field of the EndNote record. Thus, this number doesn’t seem to be capable of being updated after being downloaded to EndNote. Is this truly the case?

In addition, EndNote Web includes a hyperlinked number in a separate Times Cited field. This suggests to me that the field is indeed updated when the data changes in the original Web of Science record. Can someone confirm whether or not this is true?


Yes  - this is correct. In the desktop versions of EndNote, the Web of Science “Times Cited” count number is usually dropped into the “Notes” field as static text. One could customize a Connection File or Import filter to put this data in another field but it will still be static.  The web interface for EndNote includes what is essentially a live feed to the Web of Science “Times Cited” count so is dynamic and updated regularly.

This type of dynamic updating is a farily long-standing request to be added into EndNote desktop versions and is on our To Do list.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks for the confirmation!

As quotesd in the previous message, in an EndNote Web record, there is a separate field named “Times Cited” which contents the dynamic value of citations.

Whatever the export filter, this field and its contents are not exported !

Why and how to get it ?

Thank you in advance.

Jerome Planes

I would like to reiterate the questions about how to get a populated Times Cited field from Web of Science, and how to have that updated, dor example using sync .  

Also, it appears that the ability to choose which fields to import into Endnote from Web of Science has vanished.

With recent versions of EndNote there is a Find Reference Updates command in the References menu of EndNote. This feature will use PubMed, CrossRef, and Web of Science to update references in your library.

As a test I changed the Times Cited in the Notes field of a reference (in my EN library) that came from WoS, saved the record, and ran Find Reference Updates. This brought up the correct Times Cited for that reference and I was able to update the reference.

If someone can try this out with a reference in their library that has had the Times Cited count go up in WoS, we can verify if this is a workaround for the time being.

Very encouraging ! What is the minimum version number showing this command ?

Jérôme Planès