How to export the "times cited" from Endnote Web

I’m interested in doing some scientometrics with my Endnote Web library and would like to have the “times cited” data as part of my export file but it seems to be missing even from the Notes section (which I saw is where it resides in the desktop version of Endnote) with each of the different export functions.  Any idea how to get that information without hand entering it?  My library is almost 3000 and hand entering would be painful at best…  Thanks!

I had a similar problem w/ EndNote Web, where the “times cited” information wasn’t always listed the notes field. As far as I can tell, this field had problems populating when I addded the citation directly from the results list in Web of Science (i.e. clicking on the "save as: EndNote Web button directly above the results list). When I added citations to the Marked List first, then exported them into EndNote Web, the times cited information populated the notes field. All that to say, I had to re-look up all of my citations (~1000), add them to the Marked List, then export them to EndNote Web. Tedious at best.