Citation of publisher in report


I am citing a report (APA 7th ). But publisher of this citation cannot be presented correctly. The Publisher is “Mathematica Policy Research, In” I tried to add a comma after “In”, but the citation showed “I. Mathematica Policy Research”. How can I cite correctly?

The Publisher field in a Report is tied to an Author type field so you would need to follow the steps for entering an institution or corporation as an author.

When entering group or corporate author names, put a comma after the entry:

U.S. Department of Agriculture,
Apple Computer Inc.,

The trailing comma does not appear within your formatted reference, but ensures that EndNote does not try to parse the name like it would for a person. Alternatively, if your group or corporate author name includes a comma in the name itself, use two commas in place of the first comma:

Mathematica Policy Research, In

We have these steps online as well:

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