Citation Shortcut - Formatting glitchy

I use Cite-While-You-Write and Instant Formatting in Word constantly, and I frequently use Reference IDs as a shorthand for my citations and research. But I keep hitting a problem: weird formatting defaults in EndNote.

Specifics: When I’m in a Word doc footnote and I use the instant-formatting parameters: {#REF@page#}, for some reason, Endnote chooses to insert the citation with “Exclude Author & Year,” rather than the default formatting.

Why would it do this?! Why not default to the default?! Or at least let me choose the formatting!

I understand that the “Fix” you recommend is to insert the full citation information in the brackets – i.e. {Author, Date, #REF@page#}, but that’s hardly a shortcut. Help us out! Make shortcut citation inserts easier!