Citation style in Word 2007

Hello, I have a question about the citations in Word 2007. When I insert a citation in my text the reference appears normally at the end of my document. I can change the font from “Format Bibliography -> Layout -> Font” and it immediately changes. However, when I insert the citation, it is always underlined, in italics and bold and also aligned at the center. I can change this manually from the Word menu, but then when I insert another citation it reverts to the same style. It seems that I have control only of the font type and its size.

Is there anyway I can have control of the references I add with Endnote?


All of the above address different aspects for formating bibliography options.  When I have time - I might try to put it all together as a FAQ discussion.  (unless Thomson people want to volunteer to do that?). 

The first link did the job. As the other guy said: “If you select the whole of the references including paragraph symbols before and after the formatted references (just to be sure) and unbold everything and then reformat the paper,”

That was the problem. The invisible paragraph symbols, were aligned like that and also bold/italics/underline was on. So now this will be permanent as long as I don’t change the symbols before the references?

Thanks a lot !

Should be.