Citation such as International Materials

My field is international law.

I would like to ask how to create the new kinds of category at endnote.

Materials such as Financial Action Task Force (FATF), or “World Anti-Doping Codes” can not be categorized at Endnote.

I saw there is a way to create a new kind. 

How to do that?

I use bluebook style.

Not exactly sure what you mean by categorized in this context?  I assume you mean a reference type and output style bibliography template to cite and reference these resources in blue book style?  

Do you know what should be cited in the text, and how they need to be referenced in law?  

If you mean, that they aren’t “names” in the Surname, Firstname sense, put a comma at the end of the name.  

Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

“World Anti-Doping Codes”  World Anti-Doping Agency, 

Dear. Leane,

Thank you for the response.

I meant, the “kind” of reference, such as, journal article, multimedia, book, etc.

I attach my screen shot.

The materials such as IOC Olympic Charter, FATF, and World-Anti-Doping Code cannot be anything in the screenshot, so I ask if it is possible to create a new kind. Or, just modify “statute” in edit style tab.


yes, in that context “kind” = reference type.  

and  the generation of the bibliographic entry for any of your cites of that reference type would be handled by the matching (or creation) of a bibliographic template for that reference type in the output style (bluebook). 

As long as there are not other records defined as “statute” that would be affected by the changes, editing that template is a viable option.  

Alternatively if no matching template is present, the default “generic” template will be applied. 

You can also creat a new Reference Type and create an associated bibliographic template if you like. 

Lots of details on how to edit output styles or creating reference types is available in the manuals listed here: