Citation template - page number issue

Hi I am trying to add a page number to an Endnote citations template. I would like the page number to show ‘Author, date, p.X’ with ‘p’ being lowercase, and ‘X’ being the page number.
I have tried the following for the author’s name in brackets/without brackets, but it shows the ‘p’ as a capital. Does anyone have any suggestions?
(Author Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|) and
Author (Year|, p.^pp. Cited Pages|)

Which template are you using? can you attach it to this thread?

Hi Leanna I seem to have solved my problem. No further support is needed.

All the best


can you elaborate on the fix? for others? I assume you were saving to the same style name (and endnote was using the first in the default menu) or you saved to a new name but didn’t change the document to use the new style?

Hi I went into another style that had the right page numbering in citations (e.g. 2023, p.x). I then copied it into the style I was working on. At that point this did not update my word document as expected. It was at this point that I contacted endnote support. However, the following day I tried to update the referencing in the Word document again it worked. I am therefore not sure why the fix worked, other than my changes to the style had not synchronised properly, until the following day.