Page numbers with Author (Year) format

Hi all, 

I am currently using EndNote X8 with Word 2016 for my master’s thesis. Since I want to use a lot of direct citations I often want to opt for a format like this:

"in his model Author (Year, p. XY) shows that “something something”.

I usually add page numbers by

rightclicking the citations , selecting Edit citation(s) → More… → writing the desired pages in the “pages” field (see image).

When I set the format to Author (Year) this does not work, i.e. the format does not change from “Author (Year)” to “Author (Year, p. XY)”. Is there any way to get the format I want?

Thanks in advance!



you have to carefully edit the author (year) template to include the cited pages field, or try the suffix field instead.  

Author (Year|,*Cited Pages|) where the * is the “link adjacent” character available from the insert field dropdown.  


Author (Year|,*Cited Pages|)

Thanks, this is exactly what I’ve been missing!