Citation to the footnote


I’d like add the citation to the footnote. To make it clear though: I have some text in the footnote , which I would like to reference. I’m using ACS referencing style. Any suggestions how to do this? I tried, but Endnote inevitably changes the citation itself into the part of this footnote, which is quite annoying and not my intention whatsoever.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can spare.


I am not entirely sure of what you want. 

If you want the footnote to contain a citation rather than the bibliographic version of the endnote field, then edit the ACS style  “footnote”  template. 

At the top of the dialog, choose “Same as Citations” rather than the current default  “Same as Bibliography” in the dropdown list for the “Format citations in footnotes:”

Save As to a new name and ensure the manuscript now uses the new version.