Endnote reference in footnote

When I insert a citation in a footnote in word, I see the complete reference (all author names, title,…) as shown in the reference list and not as in the normal text (author(s) and the publication year). How can I change the style of the reference in the footnote to be as in the normal text?

There are various output styles that have different settings for how citations are handled in footnotes.  Which output style are you using currently and where will the paper (or book)  be published?  

I am using the Energy Policy output style

As far as I can tell from http://www.elsevier.com/journals/energy-policy/0301-4215/guide-for-authors#68000  – this is not a “footnote”  style journal, but a citaton style?  You should be entereing the citations in the text - not into footnotes?  

So you would want to change the footnote settings in your output style to “same as citations” rather than “same as bibliography” as it is currently set.  – I made that change and saved in the below style. 

Energy Policy (citationinfootnotes).ens (11 KB)