Web page citation help!

I am trying to include a website as a citation into my word document and having a difficult time of it. I have the reference created in Endnote as a webpage including relative information such as Author, title, date accessed and URL. The author however is an organization and when i inset the citation, the output only includes the last word of the organization in parenthesis. In the bibliography the author is the last word followed by the first letter of the remaining words as abbreviations.

I have tried to adjust the output style so the full name is used but I am having no luck. I love Endnote and not had any problems until now and I getting very frustrated. I hope there is a simple setting that I am overlooking. 

Thanks for any assistance.

A modification needs to be made to the “Author” field and not the output style template.  In the Author field you’ll need to add a comma to organizational names like this: 

National Center for Education Statistics ,

The comma enables EndNote to distinguish organizational names from personal names and treat them accordingly for in-text citations and the bibliography.

Awesome thank you! that did it.

Now, the in-text citation has the correct name followed by the date (n.p. in this case) however, there are quotation marks around the name of the site. Can you tell me how to remove the quotation marks as the information I have seen, the apa does not include them in there examples.

Thanks again so much :slight_smile:

If the contents of your Webpage reference type’s “Title” field (or whichever field you’re using to capture the website’s name) does not have quotation marks then you should re-check your output style’s template.  The additional quotation marks may have been mistakenly placed before and after the Title field within the output style’s template and will need to be removed.

Again, thanks for the assistance. I have checked and niether the citation author field, nor the output style (citation or bibliography) have quotation marks around the name. I have been unable to remove the quotation marks around the Author field as it is in the in-text citation:

 (“Humboldt redwoods state park,” n.p.)

I need to remove theses quotation marks before I submit my document. 

Thanks again and any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

@oakbough wrote:

 I have been unable to remove the quotation marks around the Author field as it is in the in-text citation:

 (“Humboldt redwoods state park,” n.p.)


Did you check the reference type record itself (which captures information such as Author, Year, Title, etc.)?  You can see if the quotation marks are present but if not, try deleting the current information (Humboldt redwoods state park) along with any hidden codes then re-enter the information and save the changes.

If re-entering the info doesn’t address the problem a temporary workaround might be to edit the citation and make a manual correction.  In editing the citation, select “Exclude author” and “Exclude year” then type in the Prefix box: Humbolt redwoods state park, n.p.   Click OK to close.

I don’t think you need to resort to hiding things. 

I am assuming that no other citation does this, and it appears to me that there is no Author in the “hyperlink” which suggests that Humboldt readwoods state park (which is also probably in the wrong cap form?)  is a title being used in an otherwise “anonymous” reference?  What is the reference type being used for the citation?  Does the short title in your record have quotes?  attach the style here too. 

Put that place in the author field of the record, with a comma at then end. 


when I site a webpage right after another webpage, although a number is assigned correctly in the text, this second reference is displayed in the reference list by just the number without the website.

By consecutive siting a third web page, nothing is displayed in the text or the reference list.

What can I do?

Thank you in advance,


What output style, and what fields are filled in your records? 

Output style is Numbered and the fields filled in my records are shown in the following example

Abedin, M.J., et al., Arsenic accumulation and metabolism in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Environmental Science & Technology, 2002. 36 (5): p. 962-968.

please advice

no web site is quoted there?  

I was having the same problem. Thanks for the solution.

I was having the same problem and this fixed my issue too. Thanks for  your help.