Citation within a figure caption

I have been using the Figures/Tables feature of  Endnote X2 (though I am also familiar with earlier versions as well). I would like many of my figure captions for my masters thesis to contain references to other figure or citations such as:

Figure 3. Main database navigation screen. Tabs and buttons allow easy access to additional information and other database features such as label printing (Figure 4) and report generation (Figure 6).


Figure 5. Biogeographical map. Species distribution generating using MaxEnt (Phillips 2006).

I would like these citations (bolded) to automatically renumber like the normal figures (if add or take out figures) or be added to the bibliography  (if they are not already cited in the main text). When I go to insert a citation within the caption text in word, I get the following message: “Please move the insert point outside of any field.”

Is there a way within Endnote or Word to place a citation within a citation/caption like this? 

The Figures and Tables feature in the EndNote styles does not allow much scope for customisation. I guess this is why it seems to be very little used.

If you just type the captions in Word, you should have no problem inserting references from EndNote. It gets trickier if you use a text box for the captions.

As for cross-referencing the figures, Word has a bookmarking function which allows you to do this. If you change the text (e.g. name or number) of one of your bookmarks, there is no automatic updating (as far as I know), but there is a command that allows you to tell Word to check all the cross-references and update them.

I really feel that this area needs great attention. There have been quite a number of versions where this could have been addressed.

All we want is functionality whereby it sticks the citation referbce tag (e.g. [13] or otherwise) to the end of the actual caption field and puts the full refernce in the bibliography as for a standard citation. Surely it can’t be that difficult.

A workaround I have is to make sure the figure citation is added in text somewhere relevant and manually the reference to the caption. Obviously, the disadvantage is that if your citation order changes, they have to be redone