citation without the parentheses?

I was wondering if it is possible to have citations withou the parentheses around them.  I have some tables where citations will be either in the table itself or in a footnote and I prefer to have no parentheses around them.  Is this possible?  If not, I will resort to using the Author (Date) notation, but I would prefer not to have the parentheses at all.

You can edit the style citation template, so it doesn’t have the parentheses.  Save As the style to a new name.  This will only work if you aren’t using references in other parts of the same document. 

Alternatively, write what you want to show, and then insert the reference and make the inserted reference hidden text.  John East’s FAQ


Hi Leanne,

Thank you for the response.  This document has > 400 citations, only 30 or so are associated with tables as either in the table or footnoted to it.  My concern with using John East’s method of hiding the citation would be if an author went into the document to make changes to their references to either add or remove citations. There could be some confusion with knowing where to add/remove both text and citation - with his method changes would be needed in two places.  I think we will just settle on typing the author name and then use exclude author so that the citation looks like Author (year).


If you use the second of the two methods, the hidden text is visible (if you have it set that way) but doesn’t print (again if you have the word settings set that way).  So it isn’t “invisible”, just hidden.  I prefer that to hiding both the author and year - as I can still see the citation. 

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Wow - I didn’t even know you could hide text in Word.  That could prove handy.  Thanks!