Citations are randomly different (in footnotes)


I’ve got a massive problem with footnotes in endnote and I have no clue how to fix it. 

I have some citations from the same author (and same book).  

Endnote sometimes adds the first name to the citation (Schanze, S.: 2001) – and sometimes it doesn’t (Schanze: 2001)

I’ve already tried to copy one citation from one footnote into the other (doesn’t work, it always “jumps back”). There are no spaces after the name (already checked this).

This problem appears with every reference.

Can you please help me?

Can you attach your output style to a reply to the thread?  If you edited it, it will be in your “my documents/endnote/styles” folder  – if you didn’t edit it, you can give us the name of the output style which will probably be in your program/endnote/styles folder.  

BTW you cannot direct edit an Endnote field in a document,  It will always jump back.  – it is likely that either it is a first vs second use in a footnote, or that the author name is different in the two records in endnote, so Endnote is disambiguating them, by including the initial.  Attaching the style can allow us to see if it is the first problem.  copying and pasting the specific author from one record to replace that in the other, will fix it if the two authors are entered even slightly different.  – extra space a full stop after the initial in one and not in the other, full name for one, etc.