Problems with Chicago Style A

Hi, Im using Endnote x2 with Word XP (2002) on a Vista machine.  When trying to use an endnote style (in this case Chicago 15th A),  the insert citation button only creates a bibliographic entry but not an endnote or superscript number.  I’ve downloaded the latest version of the style (6/21/10) but that doesn’t seem to work either.  When trying a comparable style (Speculum), I get a superscript number and an endnote (or bibliographic entry)  but the endnotes are not numbered nor in the order in which they appear in the text.

does anyone have a solution to either of these issues?



Chicago 15th A style depends on footnotes and not citations.  Hence, you need to use Word to insert a footnote and then insert the endnote reference in the footnote.  It then produces a bibliography at the end.  Inserting a “citation” in the text will just produce what you are seeing, the inclusion of the reference in the bibliography at then end. 

Chicago 15th B style has in text (Author, Year) citations and  isn’t numbered. Thus if you look at the “citation” template, you will see it is empty in the 15th A style and has (Author Year|, Cited Pages|).   

If you want a numbered bibliography list, inserted as an in text citation, numbered in the order of use (and numbered in the bibliography), you should probably choose a different output style.  Try the default “numbered” style to see if it gives you the solution you are looking for?