Citations in Footnotes and at end

Hello everybody,

I was wondering how I can get Endnotes to put an in-text citation such as (Jamali 2007) in the text, and then put the full reference at the bottom of the page AS WELL AS format a complete bibliography at the end of the document. You see this kind of thing most often in long books, where the citations for each page are footnoted at the bottom of the page, and then complete chapter lists of references are collected at the end of the book.

Thanks so much!


When you are ready to submit, I suggest that you first use a style that produces the Bibliography, then make a copy of the document (in case you mess something up or this doesn’t work!).  Select the Bibliography and unlink the fields (on a windows machine ctrl-shift f9).  Then reformat the document with a footnote appropriate style. 


at the page I would just use a footnote with your style. Maybe this solves your problem?