citations in-text messed up

Hi all,

Now the in-text citations are either not using et al. for three authors or more or are repeating, and are not highlighted in gray.  Examples below.

Our organization recently got EndNote X7 and this paper started with X5 and is not using X7. 

Help!  rcors

EXAMPLES of weird in-text citations

(Eichenberger, 2010)(Eichenberger, 2010)

(Taylor-PowellJones, & Henert, 2003)

When updating to a new version of Endnote and/or Word, I always cycle thru the the unformat update steps to make sure the fields are compatible.  

Hi, thanks for the reply.  What are the ‘unformat update steps?.’

Dear Leanne,

Am I missing something?  You mentioned a series of checks you go through when you get a new Endnote version, which I would love to see.  But the link goes to the same routine you suggest to fix that corruption, and it refers to ’ EndNote: Problematic field codes causing jumping cursor, “the range cannot be deleted” or other problems while formatting.’

Best, rcors

yep, that is what I do – I don’t need to remove the field codes in most cases, but it doesn’t hurt.  

And, when you get a new version of Endnote, do you follow a checklist of steps?  If so, what steps?

Interested, rcors