Citations misaligned in Word document

The citations in my Word document are not in the correct place because they’ve skipped down and are now misaligned. When inputting the page number into the suffix pop-up box, my finger slipped (possibly hitting the space bar) the cursor went under the box onto the document, deleting my citation. I inputted the citation again. Then I noticed that all the citations after this point are misaligned.  The next one is a blank space with no citation; the citation that should be there slipped down to the next point where a different citation should be, and so on.  I short, the citations are not co-ordinating with the correct text.  When I turn on the field codes, there is no code where the blank space is in the document.  Have I corrupted my file? Is there any way to fix this?  It’s near the end of a very long document with deadline coming up fast. Thanks for any advice.

My first thought was to remove all citations after the blank space, and add them again. I don’t know if this would fix the problem, expecially if the file is corrupt.

I assume you have saved or closed it since the “event” – (and so undoing until it is fixed, isn’t an option).  

Support may have a way to fix it, but I would make a copy of your working document and convert to unformated citations and clean up any other field codes after that. (on a PC, I do that with select all, then ctrl+shift+F9)

Option 1.  You can then reinsert the citations that moved.


Option 2. you can go back to an earlier back up version before the corruption, and make a copy of that and also unformat the citations.  

Using words tools in “review” tab,  Compare the two, and keep your new changes, but reject the shifted citations, keeping the originals.  Then you should have a clean document reflecting your current version and the corrected citations.