Citations not being formatted the same way in Word as in Endnote

I am using the Chemistry output style.

If I have a book then the preview pane in Endnote shows the reference as

 A. Earnshaw and N. N. Greenward, Chemistry of the Elements, Butterworth-Heinmann, 1997 , p. 210.

in word however this reference is shown as 

Earnshaw, A. and N.N. Greenward, Chemistry of the Elements. 1997: Butterworth-Heinmann. 210.

which is not the correct format for my references.

The same thing happens when I use a journal reference. 

In Endnote the preview pane shows my reference as

T. C. Dinadayalane, U. D. Priyakumar and G. N. Sastry, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2004 , 108, 11433-11448.

In Word, the reference looks like:

Dinadayalane, T.C., U.D. Priyakumar, and G.N. Sastry, Exploration of C6H6 potential energy surface: A computational effort to unravel the relative stabilities and synthetic feasibility of new benzene isomers. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2004. 108 (51): p. 11433-11448.

The way that the references are being displayed in Endnote is correct, so why is it exporting them to word with a different format?

Many thanks

Make sure that the document is using the Output style that is selected in Endnote. From Word, use the  Format bibliography button or command, and the menu window will show what style is selected.  If it isn’t the right one, change it there, and Endnote will reformat the paper with the correct formatting. 

Once set, the manuscript will stay the same, and not change dependent on the program settings.  This is so, if you are writing more than one paper, it remembers which one to use for each manuscript. 

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Thank you very much