Citations strange in Word

I have used Endnote for a couple of years and have had very little trouble with it. Then, today, all of a sudden, my Endnote references no longer look on screen as they actually read when I print the texts. I have Endnote X2 and Word 2004 for Mac, which has not caused any problems at all, thus far. In printed form, everything is hunky dory. But does anyone have a clue what prints as 

Flavia Alaya, ”Victorian science and the ’genius’ of Woman”, Journal of the History of Ideas 38 (1977).

all of a sudden looks something like this on my screen (a transformation which, by the way, makes it more or less impossible to work with Endnote):

\\\Alaya\\1977\\10\\\10\\\10\\\17\\\\Alaya,Flavia\\\\\Victorianscience and the ’genius’ of Woman\\Journalof the History ofIdeas\\\\Journalof the History ofIdeas\\\261–280\\38\\\Feminism\\Manligfeminism\\1800-talet\\Biologiskateorier\\Medicinskateorier\\Kvinnan\\Sexologi\\Darwin,Charles\\Mill, JohnStuart\\\\1977\\\\\\ 

I have tried to fix this, and failed, and now await the judgement of you clever people out there… :smiley:

All the best from

David Tjeder

Department of History 

Stockholm University


Hit Alt F9 in word.  the show field codes box is checked in the Options for word. 

To quote the movie Matrix: You’re my saviour, man! My own personal Jesus Christ! And to add a little something myself – to think that the solution was *that* simple… Many many thanks!


Hallo David,

some times ago I had this problem, too.

I am working with Microsoft Word for Windows 2003 (german version). The solution was to go to Word, go to the Extra menu, choose Options, then “Ansicht” (in english version perhaps View), then “Anzeigen” (the first entry). There you will find a box called “Feldfunktionen” (perhaps field functions). And this box must be unmarked!

I don’t know what happened that this box was marked.

I hope this information solves your problem, too.

Best regards,

Sabine Schneider

Information Retrieval Services 

Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry

Martinsried / Germany