Cite-While-You-Write Authorizing Issues

I have having difficulty getting the EndNote Cite While You Write add in to work wiht Microsoft Word. Upon opening EndNote, it starts authorizing and doesn’t stop, unless cancel is clicked. Then getting anything to run requires authorising and the loop starts again. I’ve left it running for hours, restarted the program, reinstalled it, all with no change at all.

All my preferences are correct, so far as I am aware, with the online subscription set to the myendnoteweb address.

Any help on fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated!

It could simply be a firewall issue, are you using Windows or Mac? For Windows, open Internet Explorer, click the tools menu/internet options. In Internet options, click the connections tab then “Lan settings”. If "automaticaly detect settings"is checked, try unchecking then click OK. If “use automatic configuration script” is checked, also try unchecking that and try using EndNote in Word again.

If you’re one a Mac, go to finder/appications/system preferences. Click “network”. In network, click the advanced button/proxies. If auto proxy discovery is checked, uncheck it and try using  EndNote again.

If you’re still having problems, you can call us here at support at 1-800-336-4474, option 4.

I hope this was helpful!