No link to endnote or reference to CWYW - OSX leopard 10.5.6

My problem is this, i cannot get endnote x1 to work with word 2008 on my
imac. the mac is running osx leopard 10.5.6 and i have downloaded and
installed the word update 12.1.0
endnote installs fine and seems to work ok on its own, but it doesnt seem to
work .with the various word menus there is no link to endnote or
reference to CWYW, and though the endnote interface does have a link to
word, it is greyed out and doesn’t work. is there an option i am missing
where i have to configure the program to work with word? if there is a
configuration file, i can’t find it in the endnote folder… can someone help

Thank you

Hello nirmal,

Have you taken a look at ?  It sounds like you’ve done some of the things we recommend, but not all of them.