Cite while you write plugin acting up, need urgent help please

HI, sorry about this I am urgently seeking a solution as my literature review is due in a few days. I UTSE briefly and saw that people had had a similar problem but not exactly the same. Perhaps I should have spent more time looking but I am very stressed. Sorry!!

Anyway, all of a sudden last night, without my having changed anything (as far as I know), whenever I try to insert a citation in text I get things like “{Tchekneva, 2008, Single amino acid substitution in aquaporin 11 causes renal failure}” as opposed to the likes of "(Tchekneva et al 2008). I have not changed the bibliography style, it’s still Author-Date. I looked and instant formatting is still on in the bibliography section. I tried switching to a numbered referencing style and it updated all my previous references but left the “{Tchekneva, 2008, Single amino acid substitution in aquaporin 11 causes renal failure}” as it was and any new references also retain this format. Additionally, any of these type of in-text references do not update the bibliography. There’s nothing added to it. I noticed that these citations have {} instead of () parentheses, and the Format Bibliography tab of the Configure Bibliography box indicates these are temporary citation delimiters.

I just don’t know how to go back to the way things were? I could swear I didn’t change any settings. This is happening on my home laptop but I spent 15 minutes in college this morning trying to work on it and the same thing appeared to be happening. Is there some setting in my EndNote online account I need to change?

Thanks in advance for the help, I am very stressed!

I fixed it, it seems. I turned instant formatting off and back on. Seems to be working.

How did you resolve it??? I am having teh same issue

How did you fix it???