"Cite While You Write" using Microsoft Word on OneDrive?

I am collaborating w/ another author on a manuscript. We are Microsoft Word on OneDrive. 

Is there a way to “Cite While You Write” using Microsoft Word on OneDrive? In other words, is there a way to use EndNote as a reference manager while using Microsoft Word on OneDrive?

I have read that the library can’t be stored on OneDrive, but I’m simply asking about the functionality of using EndNote, or EndNote Online, for a Word document stored on OneDrive. 


I have found that it can be glitchy, especially if you open your EndNote formatted Word documents in the web-based word processor in Microsoft Teams or OneDrive. Always use the desktop application of word.

Thanks, but I am asking specifically about using Microsoft Word on OneDrive. In other words, NOT the desktop version of Microsoft Word. 

Is there a “Cite While You Write” plug-in for the OneDrive version of Microsoft Word? Even if it is glitchy, I’d like to try it, if it exists.

No idea.  I wouldn’t want to risk it.