Repeated Citations as footnote on EndNote X7 on Mac

Dear EN Community,

I have a question regarding Repeated Citations. I am using EndNote X7 on Mac. I am nearing my deadline and have to fix the issue regarding Repeated Citations.

I am using using footnotes as references with APA style. I want that the entire reference should not repeat (Author, Date, Title etc) if the same reference is used later in the text. It could just use a shorter form such as Author, Date but not the entire title. 

I have been desperately looking for an answer and tried to search through the archive on this forum but unfortunately to no avail.

Can someone please help?

Many thanks


can you tell us which output style you are using and whether it has footnote templates, or is depending on either the citation or the citation formats?  Try changing your output style to Chicago 16th Footnote for example, to see if it more as what you expect?  It has a full and short citation format for each footnote while APA “out of the box”  has no templates and says the citation should be “Same as Citations”.  

Thank you very much for your response. I developed a customised style based on APA. 

It has templates in Bibliography section but not in Footnotes section. Do you suggest that I use the same templates in Footnotes section as well? See the screen shots attached. 

Many thanks in advance.

Best practice:  because there is no “short form” available in the Bibliography templates, and so no option to handle a subsequent “citation” differently in the footnote.  You probably would copy the templates from Bibliography templates to the equivalent ref type in the footnotes, and then you would have to copy that to short form and remove the parts that you don’t want repeated.  

If you look at the settings in  “Repeated Citations” in footnotes you can also handle how consecutive cites in footnotes should be handled.  You can see in the small print at the top it describes how repeated citation will be  handled  using the short form, but you can also handle whether you want “ibid” to appear, if the two are consecutive, or continue to use the short form, etc.  

Many thanks for this advice. End Note is pretty advanced and we just get to learn it every day. Please accept my heartfelt thanks on pointing this out otherwise I felt as if there is a matter with my End Note.