Cited pages with Numbered style

Hello All,

I am using Endnote x8 on Windows 10. I’ve edited a style so that in text citations appear as numbers, with a numbered bibliography at the end.

For some of the citations I would like the cited page(s) to appear in the in text citation:

e.g. X argues a, b, and c [1, p.55]

So I have changed the citation style template to the following (the red asterixs are actually Link Adjacent Text symbols):

e.g. [Bibliography Number|,p.^pp. **** Cited Pages|]

Now, this all works perfectly except for the fact that my citations are no longer using ranges for consecutive citations:

e.g. They show [1,2,3,4] instead of [1-4]

I’ve checked to make sure that the “use ranges for consecutive citations” is ticked and it is…but no joy. 

Am I forcing the style to act in a way that its not supposed to? Thanks